First Post from my new Male Contributor!



GUYS! My male guest poster finally sent me something! (I kid, I kid, he’s great… and it’s a great post!)

I seriously was so excited I started hopping all around my room. It doesn’t take much to get me excited.

So, without further ado, here it is:

Have you ever suggested and then volunteered to do something because you thought “I could do that” and then when you go to do it you realize you have no fricking clue what you are talking about? Well you now know how I found myself in this position of being this blog’s volunteer guest male poster. When I suggested the idea I thought heck, I have a million ideas of what to say (read: how to defend us guys). Now I’ve been staring at a blank screen going “no, wait, come back ideas, I promise I’ll give you the attention you deserve. So… Hope you enjoyed reading my post. See you next time!

Wait you want more than that? S*&#! Okay, well I guess I could use this to let you know a bit about me and what I was thinking when I put myself into this mess. I like to think I’m one of those legitimately nice guys. You know, the ones that girls say they want? Then seem to pass right by. Yeah that’s me. No this isn’t going to be a slam against women, saying they only go for “bad boy” or whatever you want to call it (althoughhhhh some of y’alls gender can make it pretty easy to say that at times). No this isn’t a slam because I’m also that guy you know that, while being super nice, has the game with women of, well, what’s something that has very, very little game with women? A cold burrito? Does that make sense? Ah, to hell with it, I like the way it sounds- if y’all don’t find it funny there will be other, funnier jokes (well hopefully).

So what you may be asking: What DO I have to offer then? Well, I’ve had a fair share of flings in the past of varying lengths and variety, and a few serious relationships that in retrospect probably could have gone better, although I am currently a single guy who is trying to wade my way back into the whole meeting women thing. Well then, that’s probably enough about me for the first post. I’m sure you’ll find out more in any subsequent articles. Which leads me to the next point and the whole point of this post itself, which is what does the readership of this blog want out of me as a writer? Are there any specific topics I should tackle? A regular Q and A where I answer all the questions you can’t just randomly go up and ask men? What do the inquiring minds wish to know from a single guy (heck I’d just like to know this for my own benefit, the more I think about it)? I mean I could just go on rants as I think of them, but I think we’d all be better off if I have some ideas to bounce of off. I’m willing to write/talk/loudly state my opinion about whatever on here so don’t think that any topic is off limits. Trust me, I’m very good at rambling, ask my ex.

Well without a specific topic to go off about, I think that’ll just about put a bow on things for this time. Thank you for reading, get those suggestions in, I’ll do my best to think of some good ideas as well. Also a special thank you goes out to the wonderful proprietor of this blog, for giving me an avenue to vent and hopefully give the guys a voice in the argument on here.


And so it begins….

Photo on 2013-12-31 at 19

Hiya! I’m Kailey!

I’m a junior in college who loves lake michigan, painting, How I met your mother, little kids, musical theatre, and dogs. I’d rather stay home and watch a movie than party, am in a sorority, and am absolutely terrified of spiders, driving on the highway, and Samara from the ring. I have a boyfriend of a year and a half (I’ll refer to him as “T”) who makes me re-fall in love with him every day and puts up with my whiny nonsense more than any boy really should.

So that’s me.

First of all I never realized how confusing the blogging world really is. All I wanted was to start a simple little blog with a cute font or background or something. It’s an understatement to say that I was overwhelmed by the amount of blogging sites, themes, and so forth that I had to pick from. It’s intense out there, I’m not lying.

But anyway.

-Why I’m here: aka “Why I want to be Carrie Bradshaw”-

Sometime during my freshman year at college I developed a love for the television series sex & the city. I watched the movies, TV show, and read the books. People would sometimes make fun of me if I mentioned it because they said the show is all about sex. And I’m not saying it’s not in there in incredibly awkward amounts… but I think they’re missing the point. The show is about relationships. A woman living on her own in New York city forging a way for herself in the world of journalism, while having the time of her life with her best friends, and dating wayyyy too many guys to count. While I can in no way relate to the dating life of a 30 to 40 year old woman living in a metropolitan area, I find her various experiences with love and the way she writes about it fascinating. I also am intrigued by “mr. big”…The guy that carrie lusts after, wants, loves, and deeply cares about but can never seem to make things happen with… until they get married. BOOM. Didn’t see that one coming did you? (Or maybe you did, because you’ve seen the series, or you haven’t and are mad at me for spoiling it. So sorry lovelies!) But I’ll talk more about Mr. Big and all that he represents later, if you stick with me. (did that motivate you? how else shall I bribe you? chocolate? puppies? One of those Japanese chefs who can throw the egg in their hat or the shrimp in their pockets?)

So something else you should know is that I’ve been writing little carrie-like snippets in diaries/on my computer since I was 15 or 16 and didn’t even know about the show. I’ll admit the earlier ones are bad. So bad, I hope no one but me EVER sees them and finds out just how dramatic and pathetic my little midteen self was. However… some of the more recent ones I’m pretty proud of. Writing calms me down, helps me work through things, and completes who I am. This is why the title “hugs and the suburbs” is a play on “sex and the city.” I’m far from being some kind of relationship guru as Ms. Bradshaw appears to be. Quite the opposite. But at times I’ve felt so alone in relationship situations/dynamics and it was hard because I didn’t always have people that understood what I was going through at the time. So the first reason as to why I’m starting this blog is for you… whoever you are. Whether you just want to laugh at me because you think blogs are dumb, or if you are genuinely looking for relationship advice/perspectives, I’m your girl. I can’t tell you the amount of hours I’ve spent on google researching relationships, but I always felt like everything I found was lacking. I have experienced a lot of growth in the relationship I’m in right now, and know that I’m not alone in the problems I sometimes experience. Every couple has ruts, arguments, and so on, but communication can solve just about anything and it’s something T and I are pretty good at if you don’t mind me bragging. And yes, I have been dating him for a decent amount of time, but that doesn’t mean I won’t ever talk about things that those of you who are single might experience. He’s my first official boyfriend and I had various relationship mishaps over the years before him so if nothing else, I want to be able to say that I learned from my mistakes and maybe even helped others from making the same ones.

Oh, and if you’re wondering my second reason for starting this… I’m being kinda selfish. I think I would really love to blog. So yes, I’m also doing this for me.

-Still there?-

So now that that extremely long winded explanation is done… stay tuned for future posts. I promise they’ll be less boring than this and MUCH shorter. I also will probably vary in writing styles/tones/voices because I’m not used to this and because some days I’m feeling really funny and whitty and others I just want to write while crying and eating my weight in cookie dough (kidding. usually).

until then, stay awesome blog-readers! 🙂