Hey guys!

I’m Kailey- a 22 year old recent college graduate (class of ’14, baby) who is charging into life after graduation by finding work in the human service field and stumbling through life without (much) fear. I started this blog the spring of my Junior year and although I don’t post regularly, I have really enjoyed what it has become. My passion is learning and talking about relationships- I love writing, and I happen to have an awesome boyfriend (although my luck with men wasn’t always so great). I am extremely neurotic, a lover of animals, addicted to reading, and run to get high on life. I could happily spend my days by lake michigan or in downtown chicago and I hope to move there someday with “T.”

Why Hugs and the Suburbs?

I have watched the episodes of sex & the city wayyy too many times and I aim to be the carrie bradshaw of the suburban non sex-crazed lifestyle. (thus hugs & the suburbs)



(disclaimer: I do not own the images that I post on my page. The only things that are mine are the pictures of me, my boyfriend, etc. Obviously. :))

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