Best and Worst Leading Men

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It took longer than I thought to get my first post out because… my macbook died. 😦 So I lost this post and had to start over and I was super annoyed. But now I have a macbook pro so hopefully things will be fine from now on!

I have to say I’m a little annoyed with people’s neglect of my poll in the last post. 5 people answered it. FIVE. and I know many more than that read it! Also, to the person who suggested I add a “dueling male column” with a male’s opinion- Who are you?! What did you have in mind? Do you volunteer as tribute?! Please comment or something. I beg of you.

But anyway here we go! The Top 5 best and worst male leads on television and film according to me. In no particular order.

(I own none of the following images)


1. Marshall Erickson on “How I Met Your Mother.”


He is adorable, funny, caring, and a sweetheart. I refuse to believe that he is a character in a television series and not a real person. He and Lily have fights but they’re also best friends. They HAVE those life ups and downs. They have the kind of relationship I want when I’m married.

Okay, on second thought, actually ANY character Jason Segal plays. I’m in love with the man- he is perfection. The Five Year Engagement? So funny. So… REAL. Life comes with complications and in order to have a good relationship you have to stick it out and give it a little. Pick your battles, give up something of yours to make your significant other happy. Relationships have no room for selfishness.

2. Graham in “the Holiday.”


Jude Law is the dreamiest englishman I know and in my opinion he is the best in this film. Not only is this one of my most favorite movies of all time, but it has aspects of realism. I’m not really talking about how he and Camaryn Diaz are somehow going to make their love work from LA to England… that’s another story. But he’s a dad. a widower. and he has two english little girls who are the cutest things I’ve ever seen and heard. And he built them a tent with stars and christmas lights. and he is mr. napkin head. and there has never been a more perfect dad to fall in love with. the end.


3. Matt in “13 going on 30.”


I have a weird thing for Mark Ruffalo. I don’t really know why. He’s adorkable I think. Kinda weird and awkward but you can’t help but love him. Matt in this movie is great… chubby and awkward and in love with his best friend at age 13 and then BOOM, he’s mark ruffalo. He’s not some jerk guy, he’s Jennifer Garner’s best friend from childhood who has always loved her. and the best part? Even when he admits this to Jen and she starts crying because she loves him too, he ends up marrying his fiance anyway. Because he cares about her and he’s a decent guy. Tears. But it’s actually ok because LUCKILY the dollhouse with magic wishing dust is in his closet so badabingbadaboom, jen is 13 again and kisses 13 year old matt’s braces so that everything is alright and they end up together. cue the awes.


4. Ben Aflack in “he’s just not that into you.”


I don’t know why but I’ve always loved this aspect of the movie’s multiple stories. Ben’s character is afraid to commit, which we stereotype most men as being. Jennifer Aniston, his longtime girlfriend wants to get married because they’ve been dating for 10 years or something. Ben says a piece of paper means nothing and they go their seperate ways for a while. While they are apart Jen’s dad suffers a heart attack and jen tries to take care of him and the rest of the family that is visiting for her sister’s wedding. Ben shows up and helps her, holding her and being there to support her. It’s awesome because that is real love.. being there when someone needs it most, even when it’s not the most convenient or the happiest times. There is a difference between a man who clearly loves a woman but is scared of taking the next step and a man like Gerard Butler’s character in the Ugly Truth who suddenly “changes” at the drop of a hat. Ben later ends up proposing to her in a adorable, but not over the top way. I won’t spoil it, but it’s quit lovely and simple.

5. Finally.. Noah in “the notebook.”


As I’m sure you figured out by the above picture, not Ryan Gosling, but James Garner as Duke/older noah. That is the greatest part of the love story. Not writing her 365 letters, not building her a house, not kissing in the rain. But a couple in love after so many years… and a husband devoted to her wife even though she can’t remember him. That is the deepest caring and love that there can be. Old people are so precious.



1. Jack in “Burlesque.”


I liked the music in this movie… but the majority of the acting and story line were awful. Cam Gigadet, the vampire creep from the Twilight series, plays a guyliner loving dude who works as a bartender at a Burlesque show in NYC. Ali, played by christina aguilera is a tiny, large breasted blond who can sing. Jack immediately begins to fall for her, despite the fact that he has a FIANCE (played by the ever lovely Dianna Agron from Glee) and even lets her move in since she has no where else to go. Here comes to ridiculousness… Stanley Tucci’s character encourages Jack’s crush by saying something about how Ali has a beautiful voice and soul and blah blah blah, even though by my accounts Ali is not a saint or anything, and once again, he’s ENGAGED. Ali sleeps with him once he claims that things are over between him and his fiance. Because clearly it took him all of 5 seconds to get over the woman he wanted to marry. He and Ali sleep together and the next morning Dianna arrives, pissed, because her fiance broke up with her over the phone and then she discovers he just slept with someone else. Ali freaks out because clearly SHE IS NOT AT FAULT AND IS THE ONE HURT THE MOST. Cam runs after her, moaning how sorry he is. Ali cries because life is so hard for her. Cam will not stop until he gets Ali back. Gag me.

LIKE COME ON. In what universe would a guy leave Dianna Agron?


2. mr. big from “Sex and the City.”


Where to start with this one. In my opinion Mr. Big is one of the most controversial and overrated television romances of all time. Some people say “oh, he and Carrie were supposed to end up together! It was meant to be!”

I say no. I say this man dated you on and off for ten stinking years, married several other women, cheated on at least one of them with you, and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him. Yes he’s handsome, charming, and wealthy. BUT WHAT ABOUT AIDEN??? Aiden was adorable, caring, had a really cute dog, his own thriving furniture business, and would never ever hurt her. He even gave her a second chance after she cheated on him with Mr. Big and proposed to her.

Also there’s the baby thing while I’m on this topic. Carrie is really bi-polar about this.

when she’s with aleksandr petrovsky, an older russian artist she FREAKS out because he doesn’t want anymore children. She acts like it is a huge deal to her.


later she sees Aiden with a baby. Aiden clearly realized Carrie was off her rocker and moved on and found someone stable and had a baby.


when, in the movies when she’s finally married big (after, mind you, he left her at the alter) they talk about how they’re never going to have kids and it will just be the two of them.

did I miss something?

anyway. The point is ladies, marry the aidens. If you want babies and trust- marry the aidens. If you want excitement and passion- marry the petrovksys. and if you want uncertainty, worry, and heartbreak- marry the Mr. bigs.


3. Todd in “Easy A.”


Okay Penn Badgley, you want me to believe that the hot, sculpted man god such as yourself would somehow be an outcast and not have anyone after him and somehow secretly lust after the unpopular (although hilarious) ginger Emma Stone for 8 years because she almost was your first kiss? Please. I love this movie to death but come on.

4. Matthew MaConaughey in “the Wedding Planner.”


This movie drives me a little nuts. He’s fricken engaged to be married but he meets Jennifer Lopez’s character and suddenly falls in love with her? and then he and his wife are like la-de-da we don’t actually want to get married and then when he goes to find Jennifer who was supposed to be getting married herself because she was going to “settle” because it was the “right thing” it turns out she didn’t even end up doing it because SOMEHOW that man knew she was in love with someone else and sent her away. Everyone ends up happy in the magical world of Jennifer Lopez. BLEH.

Also I just hate Matthew. Sorry. he’s obnoxious to me. He tries to be all “charming” with his accent drawl but it comes across as annoying. His characters are always lady-swooning over the top heros (a pediatrician?! REALLY?).

5. Marius in “Les Mis.”


What can I say about Marius? I love les mis. And I love marius. But he’s kind of a douche. He’s handsome, smart, politically active, and brave. But he is too stupid to see that poor eponine is in love with him. What is so wrong with eponine I ask you Marius? She’s pretty, funny, caring, and is a really good friend to you. WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE HER? Oh, I see, you want Cossette who is pretty and wealthy and boooooring. I’ve never met anyone as boring as cossette. Plus he claims he is in love after fricken SEEING HER. Clearly it doesn’t matter to you that you broke Eponine’s heart, it doesn’t matter that she gave her life to save you, or that you couldn’t even kiss her as she lay dying in the rain talking about flowers. I can’t even handle you marius. get out of here.


I just want to feed her. Poor thing.


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