Don’t care how, I want it noooooow

Our generation is addicted to “fast.” We crave it, we initiative it, and we keep it going. Without speed, many things in our lives would indeed change, but it shouldn’t bother us as much as it would. Jimmy john’s delivers freaky fast, internet is “high speed,” and you can even say “I love you” after a few weeks. Why are we so caught up in doing everything as fast as possible? Are we afraid of what might happen if we slow down? 

Is it because, deep down, we’re all afraid of time?

Americans are living longer and the average lifespan is getting older- modern medicine has advanced drastically, and technology increases every day. We have so much more time than our ancestors and yet we insist on cramming as much into it as possible. We drive instead of walk, eat at fast food restaurants, and put on makeup, drink coffee, and talk on the phone while answering e-mails. While we no longer rush to get down the aisle everything between is pressurized. Moving in, physical relationships, and calling them our “boyfriends” are things that the modern women leaps into faster than our Grandmothers did, but with no sure prospect of marriage. We rush our feelings, then second guess ourselves if we don’t think we’re feeling “right.” We are fast to break up with a guy if he doesn’t completely match our expectations because we fear the time, work, and effort that a real relationship entails. So, instead, we move from man to man, moving so fast as if to guard our hearts, and our fast paced lives. 

I just got back from spending a week up north for my annual vacation with my family. I did something I hadn’t done in a while- I stopped. I read a book, ran, and lay out by the water and simply watched the clouds. I just… existed. After I got over the initial shock and panic of not having an immediate project to tackle, I liked it. My thoughts settled, my mind cleared, and I remembered what it was like to be still. To appreciate nature. I think if more people did this more often the world be a more peaceful place. 

Have modern day young adults lost their sense of peace? Have we sacrificed it in exchange for the “fast”? Our generation has grown up with the creation of the internet, ipods, and touch screens and it’s no secret that we’re very different from generations before us. I can’t help but wonder- why can’t we wait? Why must everything be right now? We know making a home cooked meal is better for us than that processed stuff that comes ready made… But we aren’t willing to put the effort in, even if it is worth it. 

Which brings to me pose this question: When it comes to young love, are we settling for the pop-tarts of relationships? 


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