hey, where’d you go?

helllooooo my lovely readers, fellow bloggers, and people of the earth.

First of all. Those of you who use wordpress know that you can see the “stats,” or how many people view your blog (it tells you how many, what pages they viewed, and what country they’re from- not who they are, don’t worry). I think this is really cool because I love to see that people from 19 different countries have viewed my blog! Then I did a little exploring down farther and saw the search terms that people used that caused them to find my blog. It was a bunch of really odd stuff, to tell you the truth. Here’s some of my favorites: “young actresses with bushy hair,” “girl who looks smart and has braces and glasses,” “preteen sex” (um. WHAT.), and “hey girl study.”

………..I dont even know. There was a lot more that actually made sense. But some of them were just.. weird. Either way, whoever you are, and however you got here. Welcome. 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything… like a week and a half! And I miss it. I’ve been insanely busy with exams and summer job searching. Anyone know of a restaurant/retail store that is willing to hire someone who can only work seasonal? Because I sure don’t. And believe me… 30 something unanswered applications don’t lie.

well I GOT an interview, only to have them call me an hour before to cancel because they decided that my returning to college in the fall actually bothered them and they didn’t want me. Seriously, sometimes I wish I went to a college near home. It’d be so much easier.

Also it’s greek week at my school- which, for those of you who don’t know, means a week of competitions and speakers and fundraising. I made it on our less professional dance team because I have experience from high school musicals and I love partner dancing. It’s been really fun, but it’s also really time consuming.

So anyway, I’ll stop whining now. Sorry.

Another reason I haven’t posted is that I haven’t had any good ideas to write about lately, which depresses me. Buuuuuuut, I thought a little today about doing a piece on “settling” vs. being realistic and how women today are too entitled when it comes to relationships, so after this craziness is over expect to see something of that sort coming your way.

Just wanted to give an update and wish you guys a happy april fools day! I hope no one tricked you too badly (shout out to my roomie K, who totally got me last night, and in a really obvious way. ..I’m a dummy.)


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