Listen up Ladies!

So, several weeks later… I finally have the guy list compiled. What I have learned in that process is that I know much fewer men who I feel comfortable asking to answer something for my blog than I do women. But nonetheless, I really enjoyed reading their answers and I thought some of them were funny.

so here we go. we go in the car.

(Jenna marbles reference. anyone? ..anyone? Bueler?)

What is something that attracts you to a girl?

1) I like a girl with a good sense of humor. When she has the same interests as me. Great personality.

2) When the girl makes an effort to do things that I like. She is willing to try and do new things. confidence, that’s definitely an attractive trait. She’s gotta be sure of herself.

3) If we have enough in common and she makes me laugh or laughs at my jokes. I like a girl that has fun in any scenario.

4) willingness to play video games puts you over the top. Makes you look cool right away and there aren’t many girls like you. You cant go wrong with that. Obviously you’ve got to look good but guys have different tastes. Act like you care about the guy, but don’t be too available. Mind games work but don’t drag it on (at least they work on me).

5) when a girl is passionate, has a good sense of humor, and has some extravert qualities. Also from a physical standpoint, a pretty face puts the icing on the cake.

6) if we share similar taste in music.

7) a girl who can really connect to me on a personal level.

8) Being realistic and ‘down to earth’

9) Be open and approachable, not assuming the worse in a person and being willing to talk or even making the first move and/or initial contact (huge points for that)

10) Her presence in the room (her confidence, her body language, how she presents herself). I love a girl with a strong personality, probably because I’m so mellow. Physically attractive and good smile.

11) physical attributes, positive attitude, good sense of humor, enjoys sports (plays or watches), cooks good food (breakfast) and she likes blogging. (hah. I see what you did there………)

What is a thing that girls do that turn you off immediately?

1) immediate turn off is when girls are too stuck up or act fake. We don’t want to waste our time on girls who think they’re too good for you.

2) over protectiveness. My time matters to me. I should be able to spend it with friends, with my gf, or alone, and she should be okay with that

3) there is nothing worse than being fake.

4) You can’t bounce around flirting with every guy. Choose 1 and work on that. Guys don’t like girls who just go up to them and make out with them (no long term).

5) Worst thing for me is someone who smokes cigs, it just straight up bothers me. Also if they are superficial, count me out!

6) Don’t lead us on, I like the chase of a new relationship but there is a limit to it.

7) When a girl lies a lot.

8) When a girl acts stuck up.

9) Being overly cocky, thinking too much of themselves

10) Being judgmental, and assuming that they know what is the right vs. wrong

11) Dishonesty is a huge turnoff, and I honestly hate hate hate it when girls talk about their celeb crushes. I know guys do it too and I think that’s fine (which I realize is a double standard), but guys generally don’t advertise it in front of the girl they like. Girls will just tell their boyfriend how hot so and so is all day long…and it makes us feel really inferior and inadequate.

12) negative attitude, full of herself, she likes the Blackhawks

Hope everyone had a good st. patrick’s day! My best friend is going to Ireland in 3 days… ahh!

If you’re interested, you can read her story here:



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