Why Every Girl Needs a Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda

Hi Everyone!

I have been writing a lot about romantic relationships lately, so today I am taking a break and writing about friendship. Something everyone has and everyone needs.

Let me start off by saying that I am very lucky with the friendships that I have and have managed to keep.

1) I am still incredibly close with my best friends from high school.

2) I met amazing girls and made such great friends my freshman year at college.

3) I have such amazing roommates/good friends in my sorority.  

I hate to brag, but I know very few people who are in such close relationships or even talk to their friends from high school, especially if they don’t go to the same college.

Yesterday when I was contemplating what to write in this post I realized… out of each of those three categories of friends (friends from high school, friends from my hall freshman year, and friends in my sorority), I am ultimately the closest to 3 girls in each. They all play a different role in my life, much like Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda do in Carrie’s. While their roles in my life may not all be the same, I realized that I do tend to befriend rather similar women. Have you ever done that? Realized that while your friends are very different, they possess some similar traits or roles in your life. Do we repeat the same friendship patterns?

On to the part where you will find out just how much I know about Sex & the City.

Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda, and Carrie have the type of friendship I really hope I have when I’m in my late 30’s. But regardless of your age, every girl should have these types of friends to make your lives happy, to go out with, and to make you realize you don’t NEED to have a man.



Why she’s awesome: This redheaded lawyer is a successful single women who is powerful, beautiful, a ginger, and sticks to her guns. She was even a single mom for a period of time, but eventually got married to her baby daddy, the adorable steve and they live in a cute little house in Brooklyn. Miranda KICKS BUTT.

Why you want her: A Miranda girl doesn’t take crap from anyone or “no” for an answer. She will always tell you the truth, even when it’s hard to hear, and stick up for you even if it sets her back. She may not be the most glamorous girl to walk the earth, but her smarts, loyalty, and witty sarcasm will bring reality to your friendship and always make you smile. She’s the most down to earth and will keep you grounded as well.



Why she’s awesome: Charlotte may look and seem like a pampered park avenue princess (ok, she is), but her innocent sweetness, desperation to find Mr. Right, and hope of becoming a mother despite fertility issues make her so adorable. She was a sorority girl in college, and raised in a wealthy household until coming to new york where she owns an art studio. She marries right the second time, and adopts a cute asian baby followed by her own.

Why you want her: A Charlotte girl is caring, if somewhat judgmental, and genuinely doesn’t want you to get hurt. She may have doubts about that bad boy you’re after, and will make you reconsider going after him again– whether you want to hear it or not. She may seem stuffy or overly conservative at times, but she keeps you from getting too crazy and will always reminds you that you deserve the best when it comes to love.



Why she’s awesome: Sam owns her own public relations firm, and is always using her charm, natural talent, and um, “skills” to move up in the business. She’s powerful, savvy, and gets what she wants. She is the wild, sexy, out of control one in the bunch, and sometimes her antics go a little too far. But she’s funny, sassy, and there’s something about her openness and carefree way of life that makes her a vital part of the group.

Why you want her: A Samantha knows a good time, and has an “in” to every party in town. When you’re with her you will for sure make memories, some of which you may not quite remember come morning… She may never seem to be “serious” even when you want her to be, but you have to accept that about her, and simply enjoy the ride that being her friend entails. 


Happy Thursday everyone! 

Here’s a throwback Rebecca Black, because hey, it’s almost FRIEEEDAY


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