The tiniest moments can change your life forever

Hi again!

Soooo I’ve changed the format/theme already. Because I realized that the other one I had was sort of hard to read and before I got any further into this I figured I better fix that.

I admit that I’ve been kinda nervous about posting my first official non-intro post… because I want people to like it so they keep reading. But then I realized I need to get over myself and just do it. So here it is! I wrote this a while back when thinking about how funny it is how people come and go in our lives and the effect fate, choices, and time all play in who we end up with.

funny, aren’t they? defining moments in our life. They are often the smallest things; one second later or earlier, one different decision, a first impression, a song played, one line forgotten, an accidental scowl, one number wrong, a missed call, one change in morning routine, and so on… The thing that changes the outcome of your future could be the phone ringing that distracts you from setting your alarm, which causes you to get up later, and head to class delayed which results in you seeing different people than you would have had you been on time. My life could have followed a different course. If I hadn’t been late to play rehearsal that tuesday, if I had brought my phone on the boat, if I had made it to that dinner, if I hadn’t sent that text, if I didn’t stutter at that audition, if I hadn’t walked upstairs at that moment, or phrased something that way, or taken more or less than that hour and 23 minutes I wrote that paper… Everything right now? It wouldn’t exist. And that thought is scary as hell. Sure, some or more of these things, seem small. But in the grand scheme of things they somehow have altered the pathway of life. If I wasn’t in two plays at once I would have arrived on time, would have been dancing already and would not have noticed a certain boy in that second. If I had brought my phone on that pontoon boat ride I would have called ahead to warn another boy that I would be late and therefore would not have missed the dinner he made for me. If I hadn’t sent that text… which text? so many have changed me. That’s scary… that something as stupid and un-personal and vapid as texting has changed who I am and what has happened.. but it has. If I had walked a different way to class I might have never have run into her, or seen him, or met a friend, or saw a teacher, or stopped to talk, which ultimately threw me off course and set me a few minutes behind. What would have happened had I had those few extra minutes? In life, what advantages or disadvantages would we have if we had a few extra minutes in the long run? Some may say that nothing significant may have happened and life would still find us here, and I agree- in most circumstances nothing would. But what if it did? What if, in those few extra seconds you came to a conclusion about the way you felt about someone, or remembered the appointment you were supposed to make, or decided today would be the day that you would kiss him. Maybe those few extra seconds mean nothing day to day, but over the course of a lifetime they add up to hours, days even, where everything could have… changed.

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed a big opportunity in love or life? Do you regret it or feel like this outcome would have been inevitable anyway?
Comment and share 🙂 I plan to ask for feedback/responses quite often


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